Lessons on Strategic Planning

Recently (as in earlier today) I was in Detroit for a business meeting. It was an “Envisioning the Future”” summit hosted by ADD. ADD invited the public to participate in it’s strategic planning process. When asked, what should ADD do (vis a vis their strategic plan) the following advice (paraphrased) was given.

The Keys to Success:

1. Dream big. We should never let the mundane realities sidetrack our dreams. We must dream big. Aspire and inspire.
2. Take small actions. If you want to get somewhere, be somebody, do something, your actions must be small and very very focused.
3. Get a win and keep moving. Sure, celebrate your successes but then don’t stop! Build on your successes to gain momentum and this will enable you to eventually accomplish your big dream.
4. Include other people (family, peers, others) in your dream and your actions. Our success (speed of success, ease of success, order of magnitude of success) are correlated to our supports.

FYI, this was advice from successful self advocates.

Wisdom for all of us.

Have a great weekend.

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