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Siblings: Dave and Kate

Kate is a business professional in the non-profit, Disability Field with a specialization in Ethics. Her interest in Disabilities stems from person experience as Caregiver and Advocate for several family members with various cognitive impairments including Intellectual Disabilities, Traumatic Brain Injury, and Alzheimers. Dave is a self-advocate in the Disability Field. Both Dave and Kate have presented as siblings for example at a NASDDDS conference, and at Temple University.

The Fialkowski family were pioneers in the Disability Rights movement. Marion and Leona Fialkowski contributed to several landmark decisions in Pennsylvania including the PARC cases and the Pennhurst disbursal. Siblings Dave and Kate continue the work of their parents and help advocate for the rights of individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

Kate received her MTS, Ethics from the JPII Institute at Catholic University in Washington DC. She was the Executive Director at The Arc Maryland and was a Joseph P. Kennedy Jr Public Policy Fellow posted at the Administration on Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (AIDD).

Dave is self-employed with his own Ear Bud protection business where he provides ear safety protection to several Philadelphia music venues.

Dave and Kate have created a Fialkowski Scholarship at Temple University.

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